Healthy Eating For Children

Healthy Eating for Kids and Children

Get Your Kids Eating Healthy Food in Under 30 Minutes!


(A Parent's Guide to Preventing Childhood Obesity & Helping Your Kids Make the Right Choices for a Healthy & Happy Life)

Healthy Eating For Kids


A few questions:

  • Are you concerned about your child's eating habits or weight?
  • Do you have trouble getting your little ones to eat the right stuff?
  • Are you confused by information overload from the TV & papers about child obesity, what is supposed to be healthy eating for children and dietry health issues?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of what childhood obesity is and how to prevent it happening to your kids?
  • Would you like an easy to understand, follow and impliment guide to giving your kids the right foods for a healthy and happy life?
  • Do you find it hard to find either the time or the money to buy and prepare 'healthy' food?

In my experience most parents (my wife and myself included) would answer a resounding yes to most of these questions. This is why I decided to write down what I know works based on our own personal research, trial and error.


Both of my children now count brocolli amongst their favourite foods and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world watching them munch down on a bowl of fresh fruit and veg, seeing them actually enjoying it and knowing that this is a way of eating and a way of living that they will carry with them into their adult lives. That's what this guide is all about:


As a father of two boys (2 & 7 at the time of writing) I am becoming increasing concerned with many of the potential health issues facing our kids today. Not least of which is the spectre of childhood obesity. I've been hearing this frightening phrase crop up more and more on the TV, in newspapers and on the Internet. But it's not easy being a parent. Aside from the fact that between caring for our kids (and other halves!) going to work and keeping ourselves fit and healthy (not easy in itself!) we are also trying to digest a constant barrage of information about what is 'healthy' and what is 'unhealthy' for our kids. And then, on top of that, we have to find the extra money to buy these 'healthy foods', find the time to prepare them and then sit back and watch our little darlings proceed to spit it all out over the carpet. Sound familiar? 


So I have decided to create a no nonsense, easy to follow guide to preventing childhood obesity and getting your kids eating the right stuff, right away:


This book will help you to...

  • Understand Childhood Obesity - The facts - Is your child in danger?

  • Learn about Healthy Eating for Kids - What do they really need?

  • Discover how to prepare Healthy Recipes on a Sensible Budget

  • Find out How to get your kids to eat their vegetables in 5 minutes!

  • Help your kids to avoid serious illnesses associated with poor diet & lifestyle choices

  • Help your kids to avoid bullying, low self esteem and depression

  • Learn how to empower your kids to make healthy decisions for themselves now and for the rest of their lives

What is Childhood Obesity?

High fat, high sugar diets and a lack of physical exercise, lean meats and fruit and vegetables are making our kids overweight and causing them to develop health problems usually only seen in adults!


How serious is this in the UK?

Very serious. The number of overweight and obese children in the UK has continued to rise steadily over the past 20 years. 14 percent of boys & 17 percent of girls aged 2 - 15 were estimated to be obese in 2004!


What can this mean for your kids?

If your child is or becomes overweight or obese there is a serious likelihood of developing the kind of serious health problems we usually only associate with adulthood, such as:

  • Hardened & blocked arteries (coronary artery disease)

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • High Blood pressure

And, left unchecked, in adulthood this can lead to:

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart attacks

  • Strokes

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Cancer

This is not what we want for our children, of course it isn't. But how can we help them, not only to eat well now but for the rest of their lives? We must guide them with clear strategies, examples and ideals that will help them to make healthy choices for themselves.


It's not just about obesity...

Being overweight can carry with it all sorts of risks, not least of which are the psychological implications of bullying at school and a lack of confidence both socially and in their sporting activities. These difficult issues and stigmas can remain with them throughout their lives leading to depression and serious illness. You can empower your children to make the right choices for themselves - Not just today, as children, but for the rest of their lives. It's what we teach them now that matters and that is why this guide is so important. We're not just interested in eating the right foods but in creating healthy, positive environments for our kids that involves the whole family.


Meet the Author


My name is James Wittering, I'm a 34 year old father to two wondeful boys, Harrison (7), Marshall (2) and married to my Aussie wife, Jules. I've written for magazines and newspapers (The guardian, Escape, etc) on all sorts of subjects (Property investments, marketing, etc) but two big events in my life have lead me down the path to writing this guide.


I had a stroke at the ridiculously early age of 31 (another story for another time) that put a number of things in perspective for me. Primarily, the importance of family and health. Life can be short - sometimes, tragically so and the most important thing is how you fill the life that you get. For me, enjoying life is best done healthily and happily, both for me and for my precious family.


It's a simple premise but we too often take for granted our health, and the health of our kids. Sadly we often sacrifice health and happiness for convenience and budget. But take it from me - the decisions we take for our kids whilst they're young and in our direct care, we cannot take back. It's what we teach them now that they will take forward into adulthood, that will shape their lives and their health and they will ultimately pass on to our grand children. It really isn't up to them yet - It's up to us. We need to make the right, sensibly informed, choices now, to give them the best opportunities later on.


I created this guide to share what I've learnt. I've filtered the facts and figures to help you seperate fact from fiction, media sensation from honest guidance and show you how to impliment this knowledge , quickly and easily into your everyday life and the lives of your children.


What does the book cover?

The idea behind this guide is to give you the big picture. A complete reference guide to healthy eating for your kids. It is written to be easy to understand and follow with straight forward examples of how to source, prepare and get your kids to eat the kinds of foods that they really need to be eating with a minimum of time, fuss, stress (or any of the other things us parents have enough of anyway!).


Here is a list of Chapters and what they cover:


Chapter 1

In The Beginning:

A quick introduction to me and my family, the real inspiration for this guide. We take a look at our health issues (including strokes, heart surgery, food allergies and intolerances) and how we use our diet to deal with them. We examine the challenges we have faced as a family with real life examples and look at what inspired us to find out as much as we could about the dangers of childhood obesity, what we should be feeding our kids and how to get them to eat it.

healthy Eating

Chapter 2

Childhood Obesity in the UK:

Examining the problems we face nationally as childhood obesity increases every year. What are the dangers involved in being overweight or obese at such a young age? How does it affect their bodies and what lasting damage can be done both physically and psychologically? We look at the causes, preventative measures, what action the government is taking (and could take) and what we can do at home and in our local communities to make a real and lasting difference.

Childhood Obesity

Chapter 3

The Truth About Food:

An in depth look at what food our kids should be eating and why they should be eating it. We examine the basics of nutrition, explore the latest reports and experiments to find out out what the 'experts' are saying and interview nutritionists and chefs to get their view. We then look at where you can source these foods (either locally, in your supermarket or from your back garden). Finally this chapter also looks at alternative foods to cope with allergies or food intolerances.

Healthy Food

Chapter 4

How to Get Them to Eat properly:

If I've learnt anything on my parental journey it' that the single biggest obstacle to getting our kids to eat healthier foods is not (as some would assert) fussy kids refusing to eat their sprouts, it's parents and carers not realising how easy it is to get kids actually enjoying their healthy food! We have a tendancy to follow the line of least resistance after a stressful day at work or looking after the kids and at meal times it's all to easy too throw down a plate of sausage and chips or a microwave meal just for the sake of 5 minutes peace and quiet. It doesn't have to be like that and this chapter shows you all the tips and tricks we've learned that really work..

Healthy Kids

Chapter 5

Leading by Example - A Healthier, Happier Way of Life:

We all know that kids copy what us adults do (the odd swear word has come back to haunt me on the odd occasion, usually in public...) and covers the majority of child behaviour, not just eating habits. In this chapter we look at how you get your kids to take responsibility for their health using ourselves and the family environment as role models. You might just find this will benefit you too! We look at ways to get your little ones of the sofa and into the garden, on their bikes and in the pool.

Chapter 6

Recipes & Meals Planning:

This chapter takes a look at how to prepare delicious, healthy food that your kids will love in minutes! We take a look at some of our favourites, show you the best resources for recipes and how to prepare these dishes quickly, with no fuss and to suit all budgets, including the most credit-crunch conscious.

Healthy Recipes For Kids

Chapter 7

A Quick-start Guide to Healthy Eating:

Everything you need to get your kids eating healthy, delicious food in super quick time! A no nonsense list if hints and tips that will help you to quickly organise what they are going to eat and, most importantly, make sure they not only eat it, but enjoy it!


Bonus Guide: 101 Healthy Eating Top Tips from Real Parents!

When our local primary school (Where our eldest boy goes) got wind of this guide they, and the parents of children at the school, where only too happy to contribute with their combined experience to create a book of health eating top tips from real parents that really work! Us parents know that most of what we learn about parenting comes from trial and error - so this guide is the combined wisdom from over 100 parents who have shared what they've learned works for them when it comes to getting their little ones to eat healthy food. - And we have decided to give this guide away completely free with every purchase of Get Your Kids Eating Healthy Food in Just 30 Minutes!


Buy "Get Your Kids Eating Healthy Food in Just 30 Minutes!" And you get the following:

  • The eBook "Get Your Kids Eating Healthy Food in Just 30 Minutes"
  • The Audio Book (for your Ipod, phone, care stereo...)
  • A Quick-start guide to getting your kids eating healthy food in just 30 minutes!
  • Bonus Guide: 101 Healthy Eating Top Tips from Real Parents!

My 110% Guarantee...


This guide is absolutely 110% guaranteed to do exactly what it says it will or I will give you a complete refund (And you can keep the eBook, Audio Book Quick-start Guide and bonus book as my gifts to you!)


Testimonials & Reviews:


"James doesn't mince his words - Clearly childhood obesity issues bother him (as they should all of us) and his guide reflects this. Essential reading for parents."

Tom I


"Thanks for the review copy of your book. Amazingly, my little girl is now a fan of cauliflower, she can't get enough of it! Thanks so much."

Mark Dearlove & Family


"Startling and frightening facts delivered in an easy to understand guide. If you have fussy little eaters, you need this book."



"Full of genuine, practical advice. If we only applied half of this stuff it would make a world of difference to my children"

Nick C


"Thanks James, you have finally explained this stuff to me in a manner I can understand. My 6 year old has just informed me he wants veggie bake for tea!"

Andrew & Melissa


"I had no idea it could be so easy to get my kids eating healthy food."

Jane B



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